Deer Hunting at Muddy Bottom Outfitters
At Muddy Bottom Outfitters we strictly manage 4,600 privately owned acres of Whitetail
hunting properties throughout Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester county. Our land
varies from large amounts of crop land to pine thickets and mature timber. We monitor our
deer herd through the use of trail cameras and observations in our crop fields all year

We spend countless hours preparing food plots and setting over 100 stands based on
deer movement to give you the hunt of a lifetime. Our stands vary between ladder stands,
Loc-Ons, ground blinds and box blinds to best accommodate each hunter individually.

A limited number of hunts are offered each season. We only allow eight hunters maximum
per hunting package. This is to keep pressure as low as possible to give every hunter a
greater chance of harvesting and seeing plenty of deer. However as with any hunting, we
cannot guarantee a kill we are not a high fenced farm.

We have two sections to harvest a Whitetail on. We offer a  trophy area and regular area.
If you choose to hunt on one of our trophy areas there will be a mandatory
non-refundable fee of $500.00 for any buck harvested. The regular area does not have a
harvest fee, but has the requirement of any buck 8 points or more, or 3 1/2 years of age.
If these requirements are not met, there will be a $500.00 fine.

Christopher Bowden, the owner and head guide at Muddy Bottom Outfitters, takes great
pride in his Quality Deer Management program and spends countless hours observing
and studying the Whitetails on his land. He knows what it takes to grow and produce
quality deer year after year. Join us on your next Whitetail hunt!
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